Cover art of 99 Levels To Hell - PC
Game information
Original title 99 Levels To Hell
Original release date 19/02/2014
Game edition information
Publisher Zaxis Games
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Action, Indie

99 Levels To Hell


99 Levels to Hell is a platform shooter with lots of guns, upgrades, magic, traps and monsters to kill.

99 Levels to Hell is a rogue-like, which means surviving is key and every time you play you get a new set of levels to play.

When you complete 10 levels, the 10th being a boss-fight you unlock a door to the next dungeon.

Hidden in the darkness of the dungeons are shops, casinos and elevators. And if you search the dungeons carefully, you might find secret rooms that unlock more of the story, and free new adventurers, you can play as in your next game.

But best of all you get to kill the devil to a killer metal soundtrack!

Key Features 10 different dungeons. 10 bossfights. 100 levels that spawn at random. 25+ monsters. 50+ powers ups and weapons. Shops, portals, casinos and elevators. Unlock the story of two brothers And blood, a lot of blood.

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