Cover art of A-Men - PC
Game information
Original title A-Men
Original release date 25/01/2014
Game edition information
Publisher Bloober Team
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Action, Adventure, Indie



What is A-Men? Classic puzzle-platformer, inspired by some oldschool titles like Lemmings and Lost Vikings. What is A-Men like? Hard. No holding your hand, no easy levels, we want to challenge you. If you are a casual, A-Men is not for you.Key features: Hardcore puzzle-platformer, that will make you cry, if you aren't good enough 40 levels, that will give you a challenge High replay value - beat your best score and get all the achievements Pretty graphics, with a retro touch Five characters, with different skills and abilities They played A-Men Looking for gameplay videos of A-Men? We got them here!

BRBteabreakTV - English

Jimmy Dali - English

DarykonLP - German

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