Cover art of ARMA: Cold War Assault - PC
  • Game information
  • Original title: ARMA: Cold War Assault
  • Original release date: 08/08/2011
  • Game edition information
  • Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Release date:
  • Media: Steam (Digital Download)
  • Genres: Action, Simulation, Strategy

ARMA: Cold War Assault PC

Bohemia Interactive's debut game published by Codemasters as Operation Flashpoint in 2001, became genre-defining combat military simulation and the No. 1 bestselling PC game around the world and has won many international awards, including “Game of The Year” and “Best Action Game”. Over 2 million copies have been sold since its release. Storyline The horrors of WWIII are imminent. There are clashes over the Malden Islands from dusk to dawn and you are caught in-between. You must use all of the available resources in your arsenal to hold back the incoming darkness. Victor Troska came back to Nogovo, he thought the pain of war was left buried in his past. But his dream lies broken now.

His worst nightmare returns when military forces lands near Nogovo. Key Features Cold War Assault Command squad of fully equipped troops Over 40 authentic vehicles and aircraft Immersive campaign and single missions LAN/Internet multiplay Vast 100km2 battlezones Resistance Story-driven 20-mission campaign Nogova – the new 100km2 island New vehicles, weapons and equipment Detailed urban environments

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