Cover art of Cargo! The Quest for Gravity - PC
Game information
Original title Cargo! The Quest for Gravity
Original release date 21/04/2011
Game edition information
Publisher bitComposer Games
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Action, Adventure

Cargo! The Quest for Gravity


The Gods haven’t looked too kindly on humanity and Earth, as we know it, has been reduced to a group of island archipelagos, populated by “BUDDIES” – pint-sized creatures, unbound by gravity’s forces and free to float and frolic at their own whim and leisure. The Gods have given the BUDDIES free reign over these colorful islands for their own willy-nilly, topsy turvy pleasure. But, there is a way to stop them ….FUN is the secret ingredient that will ground the BUDDIES and return gravity to Earth. As one of Earth’s last human survivors, it’s up to you to dish out a healthy dose of amusement to restore order on Earth. Do you have what it takes to outwit the BUDDIES and win back the favor of the Gods? Key Features: Packed with unique and innovative physics-driven gameplay that offers multiple solutions to each mission; not to mention an unlimited sandbox mode! Explore a wide variety landscapes and locations including flying islands, large underwater environments, and numerous interiors. Changing seasons offer a dynamic effect on gameplay. Loads of different parts & components that can be assembled to create crazy yet functional vehicles Use your own music to create a personalized game soundtrack

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