Cover art of Cladun X2 - PC
  • Game information
  • Original title: Cladun X2
  • Original release date: 14/08/2012
  • Game edition information
  • Publisher: NIS America
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Release date:
  • Media: Steam (Digital Download)
  • Genres: Action, Indie, RPG

Cladun X2 PC

Cladun X2 is a hack n' slash dungeon crawler with a retro RPG finish and a nearly infinite level of character customization. From stats to equipment to character classes to creating your own hero, Cladun X2 promises an addicting experience that gamers new and old will fully enjoy. Key features:

Randomly generated dungeon maps Fully customizable characters using an in-game paint app Classic platformer-style action RPG

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