Cover art of Dead Hungry Diner - PC
  • Game information
  • Original title: Dead Hungry Diner
  • Original release date: 16/05/2012
  • Game edition information
  • Publisher: Black Market Games
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Release date:
  • Media: Steam (Digital Download)
  • Genres: Indie

Dead Hungry Diner PC

Dead Hungry Diner is all about big combos, spells, monsters fighting monsters and finding your flow within the monstrous mayhem! Help Gabe and Gabby, patrons of “The Dead Hungry Diner”, as they feed the creatures of the night buckets and buckets of juicy Brain Berry goop! (Well... that’s the easy part!) Do you know what happens when you place werewolves near vampires? They fight!!! And you don’t want fighting when you have so many other things to take care of... Key Features 55 Levels across 5 worlds 6 Unique Monster Types to Manage 2 Game Modes - Story and All-You-Can-Eat Strategically use Spells and Abilities to Overcome Challenges Grab Upgrades from the Blackest Market Keep the Peace with Frankie the Bouncer Help Defeat the Evil Monster Hunter Easy to Follow In-Game Tutorials Can You Achieve Master Ratings on all Levels? (It’s Very Pretty!) DISCLAIMER: Our Vampires Are 100% Sparkle and Love Triangle free!

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