Cover art of Fake Colours - PC
Game information
Original title Fake Colours
Original release date 01/01/2015
Game edition information
Publisher Forthright Entertainment
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Indie, Strategy

Fake Colours


Fake Colours is a 3D cube rolling puzzle game in which the player must move three coloured blocks to their corresponding target squares. Game Blocks are able to roll on top of each other but are unable to roll onto tiles that are not their respective colours. These puzzles grow in difficulty as the game progresses and later includes mini-coloured cubes that change the original cube’s colour once it moves through the mini-cube. Although simple to learn, Fake Colours is quickly becoming one of the most memorable puzzle games since Tetris. The ambient music and excellent vibrant graphics help create the foundation that makes Fake Colours addicting and fun!

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