Cover art of Final Rush - PC
Game information
Original title Final Rush
Original release date 17/01/2014
Game edition information
Publisher Strike Games
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Action, Indie

Final Rush


*Steam trailer video was recorded prior to the major v2.00 overhaul.

Final Rush is a constantly growing indie cooperative first person shooter, where the player fights against waves of robotic enemies, with up to three of their friends.

Unlike most games, Final Rush dedicates all of it's earnings to the expansion and improvement of the game itself, with new content in the form of levels, gameplay improvements, enemies, and weapons being added as fast as the developers can make them. The purchase of Final Rush will provide you with many months of free content and additions! Final Rush will NEVER sell you DLC, Premium Items, or Pay-To-Win content!

This is the current feature set of Final Rush:

Singleplayer, Online and LAN cooperative gameplay for 1 - 4 players. 5 Beautiful sci-fi arena levels, filled with killer robots, advanced tech, and polished graphics. The RUSH game mode - where the better you are, the more rewards you get, but the more difficult the enemies become. Fight through 10 waves of hundreds of robots, each bigger than the last, with a variety of robot variations to fight. 9 Weapons - fight your enemies with 9 different weapons, including the advanced experimental AV-Laser. Plus, bash your attackers with melee attacks; blow them to bits with grenades; and of shred them to circuits and servos with the room-clearing high powered ammunition. Upgradable Player - from additional armor and ammo, to better accuracy, the player can purchase Experience Tracker - Play matches and earn experience points based on your performance. Armor Customization - Make your character unique, just like everyone else! Weapon Customization - Improve your peashooter to a glorified laser cannon. Skills and Class Customization - Make choices that seem really important about your character! Respecialize when you make the wrong choice!

Participate in the indie experience and interact with the developers! Make suggestions and have your voice be actually heard. The developers troll the forums and listen to feedback and make snarky comments! Go and heckle them with negative feedback and positive comments!


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