Cover art of Gravity Ghost - PC
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  • Original title: Gravity Ghost
  • Original release date: 26/01/2015
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  • Publisher: Ivy Games LLC
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Release date:
  • Media: Steam (Digital Download)
  • Genres: Indie

Gravity Ghost PC

Gravity Ghost is a peaceful gravity hopper: Run, jump, and orbit your way through a handpainted galaxy. Join Iona the ghost as she searches for her lost best friend, the ghost fox. Explore a shattered galaxy and rescue its survivors, armed with powerups and mysterious terraforming powers. Meet the 7 magical guardians and best their challenges. There's no killing, no dying, no way to fail. Just hours of blissing out to buttery-smooth gravity goodness.Features

100+ Levels of unique gravity challenges

10+ magical powerups, including a gravity-warping 'terraforming' mechanic

Dynamic new soundtrack from the composer of FTL: Faster than Light

Beautiful handpainted graphics and wildly original creatures

Voice acting by Logan Cunningham, Ash Burch, and Sarah Elmaleh

25+ minutes of fully animated story, hidden throughout game

Keyboard, mouse, and controller support

Optional English subtitles

Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux

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