Cover art of Gun Monkeys - PC
Game information
Original title Gun Monkeys
Original release date 28/06/2013
Game edition information
Publisher Size Five Games
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Action, Indie

Gun Monkeys


GUN MONKEYS is a Procedurally–Generated, Physics-based, Online Deathmatch platform game from multi award-winning indie dev Size Five Games.

In GUN MONKEYS, you'll take charge of a modern-day power company. In the distant future, a catastrophic experiment into Perpetual Energy obliterates all human life, leaving the world choc-full of free-for-the-taking energy, but unpleasantly lacking in people to take advantage of it. Your job as CEO is to send a legion of pleasingly-expendable monkeys forwards in time to collect Power Cubes and return them to present-day, all from the comfort of your PC.Key Features: Monkeys! In the future! Future Monkeys! "Always Online" 1-on-1 Deathmatch action (offline local play mode also available) Procedurally Generated levels means you'll never play the same map twice! Tailor your squad to your unique playing style with a host of interesting and helpful Perks! Short, sharp, hi-octane jabs of multiplayer fun! Challenge your friends, or make new enemies! Loads of Achievements and Trading Cards to collect!

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