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Killing Floor - Camo Weapon Pack

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While we know that everyone does love a bit of bling, this pack is for those of you who want to go camo! But not just ANY camo. O course we have some good, solid mil-grade digi-camo for a couple of weapons, we want to introduce you to our latest invention: blood camo ("splatter" camo to our friends). While the digi-camo shows your understanding of fieldcraft and your love of all things military, we felt that the zombie apocalypse needed camo designed to confuse Zeds, not people. Hence blood camo. Hide your weapons - and yourself - with blood splatters!And the weapons are: M4 in digi-camo for the Commando M32 in digi-camo for the Demolitions people MP5 in blood camo for the Medic (appropriate, huh?) Shotgun in blood camo for Support Specialists