Cover art of Killing Floor - Golden Weapon Pack 2 - PC

Killing Floor - Golden Weapon Pack 2

Expansion/DLC of

A while back, we set you all the web blingizens up with some golden versions of Killing Floor favorites. Time to expand your bling collection!Key features: Golden AA12: The most powerful shotgun we've got. Full auto. Mag reload. Eats Zeds for breakfast. Now available in the most gorgeous filigreed gold finish! Golden Chainsaw: For those moments when just chainsawing a Fleshpound's head off isn't enough... Golden Deagles: Gold camo. The must-have for every serious game-playing gangsta wannabe. Dual gold camo hand-cannons - what else do we need to say? Golden Flamethrower: The flamethrower for the rich and famous. Well, rich, famous and with very dubious taste. Like a flamethrower is tasteful anyway?