Cover art of Run or Die - PC
Game information
Original title Run or Die
Original release date 11/12/2014
Game edition information
Publisher Team Flow
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Action, Indie

Run or Die


Run or Die is a fast paced Endless Runner that focuses on movement based abilities (and a huge Ion Cannon)! Players must make decisions in the blink of an eye and react quickly in order to make their way through a hazardous city environment where every run is different! Can you make it to the Lab to save Flow?

Warning: Run or Die is not a casual game!


    Tight controls
    The R.O.D Suit which gives you access to 5 different Abilities
    Native Controller Support
    Over 170 handcrafted maps
    Day & Night Cycle
    Endless Mode
    Daily Runs in which players from all over the world run through the exact same city layout and have one shot a day to grab the highest score
    Training Mode, hone your skills to prepare for the run
    Challenge Mode, collect all the Intel and reach the goal
    User Created Challenge Map Support
    Steam Workshop Integration for easy sharing of User Created Challenge Maps
    Online Highscores to compare your score with the rest of the world
    Pixel Art crafted with love
    Music by Vidboy & Lifeformed
    Steam Achievements
    A quick restart button (trust us, you will love that one)

“I’m waiting for you at the Doc’s lab! Come! Quickly!”

P.S.: Run or Die is only available in English, but there are no refined English skills required to understand and enjoy the game.

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