Cover art of Squirt's Adventure - PC
Game information
Original title Squirt's Adventure
Original release date 05/03/2014
Game edition information
Publisher The Dept of Silly Stuff
Region Worldwide
Release date
Media Steam (Digital Download)
Genres Adventure, Indie

Squirt's Adventure


Squirt's Adventure is a word game designed to help children associate new words with letters of the Alphabet. Tag along with the cheerful pirates Squirt and Captain Dungee on their quest for treasure. Use your alphabet and vocabulary skills to help them find the golden loot. From the serene Purple Canyons to the rocks of Wreck Reef, you'll have fun popping bubbles, collecting sand dollars, and finding that elusive treasure!


-120+ fully voiced vocabulary words from aardvark to zooplankton!

-Gameplay originally inspired by a kindergarten teacher.

-Play with treasure you've found in the treasure room!

-Beautiful art and animation.

-Find over 100 treasures!

-Play to unlock new vocabulary words, like numbers, colors, and even animals.

-Customize Squirt and Dungee's appearance with hats and other pirate-y attire.

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